Feel full and satisfied—and STILL lose weight—without exercise!

The 2B Mindset is a POSITIVE approach to weight loss. You get to EAT a LOT! Finally, be in control of your eating and live our life and LOSE WEIGHT.

With 2B Mindset you will learn:

  • How to recognize “false hunger” and instantly satisfy it…without eating a bite!
  • What to eat FIRST at every meal, if you want to lose weight
  • The daily habit that instantly gets you ready for weight loss whenever you try it
  • Why you should always order first when eating out at a restaurant
  • How to deal with any craving
  • Meals that you can eat in BIG portions…and still stay in weight-loss mode
  • Plus dozens of my proven weight-loss secrets for every eating situation

Once you put these simple principles into practice, you can just go on living your life and losing weight…happily!

If you’re someone like me, who struggles with diets and emotional eating, I designed the 2B Mindset just for us. I love good food—I love to eat lots of it—and on the 2B Mindset, so will you! I’m going to teach you that you can still eat the foods you love but in a purposeful way—so you lose weight—and I promise you’ll be full and satisfied. 

Ilana Muhlstein, MS, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

6 Bonus Tools Designed to Make Weight Loss Even Easier

Getting Started Guide – simple steps to help get your weight-loss journey underway right away!

My Tracker – write down your weight and what you eat and drink, and see what a “weight-loss day” looks like!

My Go-To Guide – all of the key 2B Mindset principles—always at your fingertips.

Recipes – dozens of favorite, delicious, and totally healthy recipes.

Water Bottle – this handy 30 fl. oz. bottle makes drinking more water easy to track!

The App (iOS Only) – One-stop access to the entire 2B Mindset program.

Growing up, I was always the big kid. I was never normal. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. By the time I turned 13, I weighed over 200 pounds, and I felt terrible about myself. What I wanted was a way to eat a lot of food, be satisfied, and still lose weight.

Ilana Muhlstein, MS, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist