7 Years in the Making



Transformation Tuesday…

7 years between these pictures and they are still 2 of my favorites. The one on the left is the JOY of being a new mom for the second time. And the one on the right is true HAPPINESS at Mara’s 7th birthday party.

But the story between these two pictures is one full of highs and lows. Love…loss. Gratitude…grief. Old life…New Life. 

But it was actually the challenges that I faced that gave me the courage to change my life. I had gained 50 pounds with Mara and really struggled with my weight after my second pregnancy. And I decided that it was time to get healthy again. 

So I joined a health & fitness support group that changed the course of my life.

I lost my father…and it was it that loss that helped me find God again. And to live by faith…and not fear.

After divorce and becoming a single mom, I got to work on myself. I needed to learn to LOVE myself first before I could give to others.

And then I left a full time teaching career to become a wellness coach. To help others find their health, faith, and to pay forward the blessings that were given to me.

Change. Transformation. Hope.

It’s what is waiting for you when you decide it’s time. So maybe it’s your time too? And I’m always here to help.

Believe & Achieve,

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