Be Present

be present

You will never give this moment again. 💜

This is what I reminded myself last night when tucking Mara into bed. 

She had an agenda for everything we still needed to do, I am sure you parents can relate. She discovered new toys buried under piles of building projects and had to show me (we call her the mad professor 🤣) 

She found a bag of Valentine candy from last year (under her bed😳). I think she was hiding it from Caitlin. And she wanted to read through every Valentine. She had to organize her farm family on her bed (aka…collection of stuffed animals). And she decided it was time to start reading fairy tales every night before bed because they are studying them at school right now. 

I stopped and sat down on the bed. And I decided to be present. And immediately I thought about how I would never get this time back with her. 

Why am I always in a hurry? To start the day. To get through a to-do list for today. To finish up the day. 

So last night, I decided I would be present . I would put my phone away more. I will slow down. I will be IN the moment because we can never get back the gift of time. 

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