Love the Skin You’re In!

love the skin you're in

When is the last time you’ve looked in the mirror and loved the reflection you see looking back at you?  When is the last time you have put YOURSELF first without feeling guilty?  When is the last time you invested in YOU instead of putting others first?  This was me for years. And I was SO grateful that someone kept … Read More

Brick by Brick

brick by brick

Sometimes it takes rock bottom for us to build our life back up brick by brick.  And that’s what I did several years ago…because I wanted more out of life…and for my girls.  And when an opportunity arose, I decided to take it. I decided to grow a coaching business from home. Most people would say that they don’t have … Read More

Be Present

be present

You will never give this moment again. 💜 This is what I reminded myself last night when tucking Mara into bed.  She had an agenda for everything we still needed to do, I am sure you parents can relate. She discovered new toys buried under piles of building projects and had to show me (we call her the mad professor 🤣)  She … Read More

Make Today Your Moment

Did you ever realize that one decision can change the whole course of your life?  It did for me in January 2013… I decided that after gaining 50 pounds with both of my girls that I needed to get healthy again. I was afraid to tell people out loud because I had so many failed “diets” and New Year’s resolutions … Read More

The Girl in the Photo

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and not recognized the person looking back at you?  6 years ago I was 35-40 pounds over weight, was tired all the time, run down from teaching 180 students a day and being a mom to 2 young girls. I hid from pictures and really felt trapped in my own skin. Someone … Read More

7 Years in the Making


Transformation Tuesday… 7 years between these pictures and they are still 2 of my favorites. The one on the left is the JOY of being a new mom for the second time. And the one on the right is true HAPPINESS at Mara’s 7th birthday party. But the story between these two pictures is one full of highs and lows. … Read More

You Are Brave for Trying

So here’s how the story is going to go… You are going to come to a crossroad in your life. You are going to have a choice to make. Stay where you are. Or take a risk.  A risk to do something new. Something brave. You are not going to feel ready. But you also know that you do NOT … Read More

The Desire to Say Yes to What’s Important

Deep thoughts on a Wednesday… I believe we should be able to say YES to the most important things to us. And at the top of my list are my girls. They have been my driving force with the biggest decisions in my life. But I haven’t always been able to say yes to them. It was often “later” or … Read More

Happiness…it starts with YOU!

Happiness💜 I have found that I have had a lot more to say in the last couple of months, but I can almost become paralyzed with putting it on paper. You see, most of my early blogs came out of pain, grief, loss, and fighting for more in my life every day. Blogging became my outlet and part of my … Read More

Conquering the Scale!

Have you struggled with the scale over the years? Do the numbers still haunt you? I was consumed by the scale for many years and the size clothing that I thought I “should” be. I was also stuck in an up and down weight loss struggle for about 15 years. But in the last 5 years, I’ve been on a … Read More