Amy’s 21 Day Fix Journey

I still 💜 to share testimonies about my friends and family who are transforming their health. Amy and I met through Taekwondo and she will be getting her Black Belt soon! She had already been on a wellness journey when we met and we really started talking about nutrition and cross training with other workouts. I’m so blessed that our paths crossed … Read More

All the feelings…

I know many of you are probably tired of everyone sharing their deep thoughts on social media right now. And so I’m not going to tell you how to think, feel, or what to do…but to simply do what I always do…tell a story & invite you along. To be honest, I’m feeling ALL the feelings like everyone else. And … Read More

Spring Break Refresh Group

Can’t you just see the excitement on Caitlin’s face every time I share about a new nutrition group I have coming up? And that I will also be making new recipes for them to try?! I decided to do a Spring Break Refresh group this month. It’s a 7 day group and it will be a full cleanse! Mind, body, … Read More

Simply Begin

I used to think that I needed to have it all together before I could start something new. I would tell myself I will start working out when I had more time. Or I will start this new “diet” when I get back from a vacation. Or I will work on some new projects when I have everything else in … Read More

How does 2 years go SO fast?

One thing that has not changed though is my desire to be an active and healthy Mom. I remember the times when I wasn’t. After putting on 50 pounds with each of my pregnancies, I really struggled. My metabolism had changed.I wasn’t the athlete who could eat anything she wanted.I started to stress eat and continued to put on weight … Read More

Food is My Love Language!

Maybe it is for you too! I  sharing it with others (like this homemade Sloppy Joe I made for Mara tonight) – served on Dave’s Killer Bread!  I also love the experience of going out to eat and sharing in the fun with friends and family. BUT…here’s what I realized over the last couple of years. I need to have my … Read More


Mindset IS everything💜 I learned early on with wellness that how we THINK about ourselves, our circumstances, and our goals drives everything in our lives. You can lose weight and still not be happy if you don’t love who you are. You can be stuck in vicious patterns of emotional and stress eating if you are not tackling those triggers … Read More

Our Wellness Movement

When I was asked recently how I run my own wellness business with all the other things going on, I responded that it takes time management and a good team 💜 We often think that we have to pave our own way and do it on our own. But it’s about surrounding yourself with the best people! People who work together, … Read More


Leadership. By definition, it’s someone who commands a group or organization. But that seems to be missing the elements of what a GOOD leader is. Integrity, commitment, empowerment, encouragement, and holds people accountable to their purpose. To me, it’s someone leads by example. And that should be a positive one. Someone who influences others with their gifts and one that … Read More

Rustic Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

I am still in ♥️ with my pressure cooker! Over Christmas break, I made this homemade soup from the Gowise USA cookbook and the fam loved it! There’s a sauté function where you can cook your veggies and garlic first.✨Then you add 3 chicken breasts with chicken broth and bay leaves.✨Pressure cook on high for 7 minutes.✨Take out chicken and shred. Then … Read More