Taking Back Control!

I’ve been sharing before and after pictures since my wellness journey began in 2013. I want people to know that we are all continual works in progress…myself included. Last year was full of challenges and I appreciate my health SO much more now! In January, I started a 9 week group with 16 women called 9 Week Control Freak. It … Read More

A change of perspective…

The idea of a healthy lifestyle changed for me in 2015. I used to think it was about hitting some magic number on a scale or only achievable by more hours in the gym. But it changed in the Spring of 2015 when I had back surgery, suffered nerve damage, and was in Physical Therapy for over 9 months. I … Read More

The picture that changed it all!

So Mara decided to google me on the internet yesterday and found my wellness website  She said, “Wow Mom! You really look different now!” I was bracing myself for her saying I looked older or some honest words of a 4th grader, but she found the picture on the left from one of my blogs. I asked her “How so?” … Read More

Tostadas Rancheros

I made these for the first time last night and they were SO good! After making the chicken and black bean mixture, we topped it with fresh salsa, cilantro, cotija cheese, and a fried egg. All served on a corn tortilla! Getting back to healthy recipes has been a blast this week. I always tell people to start small. Can … Read More

A Reflection

With the New Year upon us, I always like to reflect. Although many things over the years have changed, one thing has always stayed consistent for me…I love to help people. And you know I love to tell a good story. From the time my Dad put me to work with mowing lawns…haha…I always served others. When I became a … Read More

8 years later…

I have wanted to share this post for awhile because you know how I love to be a storyteller…And I think this picture is a perfect summation of how much ONE leap of faith changed the course of my life 8 years ago. I decided to work on my ME. And change my lifestyle. And by doing that, I was … Read More

Stay attached to Him

I spent a lot of years thinking that my worth was measured by accomplishment, individual success, achieving another goal, and it never felt like enough. The world tries to tell you that you’re not enough. Do more, be more, achieve more. Hustle. Grind. It’s exhausting. I recently read “Anxious for Nothing,” by Max Lucado with my Bible Study this Fall … Read More

Motivation Monday

Maybe it’s simply time to start writing a new story rather than re-reading your old one.

Before & After

Before and after pictures are hard to post at times, but I feel it’s necessary to show that I still am a work in progress too. And always will be. Why would you trust me to be your coach if I don’t walk the walk too? And understand the struggle. This past year has been challenging for a lot of … Read More

Results are in!

My 21 Day Results are in! And I lost 7 pounds and 5 inches! But I gained so much more… rejuvenation, motivation, and really a personal awakening. Maybe you have been in a funk like I was. I felt out of sorts, overwhelmed, and was not in a place where I wanted to start. I had gotten comfortably numb. More … Read More