How Coaching Helped Me Cope With Loss

  My hero. My best friend. My Dad. It’s not that he was perfect, but he was the perfect Dad to me. He taught me strength, determination, inner fight, mind over matter, and that there’s no amount of money in the world that can buy you happiness. My Dad just got me because we were both wired the same way, … Read More

Out with the old…in with the NEW YOU!

This is my very first blog and I am going to be REAL with you. I want to share the moment my life changed and helped me find the NEW me. That picture on the left was me in 2012 at a holiday party. This was a picture that someone took and tagged me in on Facebook. When I saw … Read More

Shakeology…the REAL DEAL!

Shakeology…what is all this hype about? I thought the same thing…wasn’t interested, wasn’t convinced, been there, done that before. I had tried different supplements in college, different protein powders, and I came to the conclusion that they were all the same. Plus I didn’t feel like I needed to PAY for a nutritional shake when I could buy the ingredients … Read More

Pushing it to the MAX!

  How many times have you hit a plateau in your exercise or fitness routine? OR how many times have you been ALL IN for a new fitness program only to lose that zest a few weeks later? One of my biggest barriers in exercise has always been TIME…how do I fit in ME time? How do I get to … Read More

Mind Over Matter

Why is it that we allow our minds to convince of us of negative things? We let our minds play games or even convince us that we are not deserving of amazing things. Then that mindset becomes our reality or self-fulfilling prophecy because it’s easier than disappointing ourselves with a goal or dream. I had convinced myself that after having … Read More