TEAM work makes the DREAM work!

When I was invited to join my first challenge group (AKA online health & fitness group) two and a half years ago, I had NO idea that my life would change forever. I had hit a point in my life where I was SO discouraged with my health and fitness because of the constant fluctuation in my weight and the … Read More

PIYO…Restore your BODY, MIND & SOUL

If many of you are like me, you have probably spent years of exercise focusing only on cardio & not much recovery. I can tell you that I spent a lot of time warming up for sports, but as far as recovery after a competition or an intensive practice, it wasn’t a priority. Our coaches never emphasized it & when … Read More

Finding FAITH in Health & Fitness

Too much of health & fitness is focused on the physical rather than the spiritual well-being of a person. When it comes down to wellness, it’s truly about mind, body, & soul. If you are not at peace in your life, it’s hard to be content with any other aspect, especially how you look physically or feel emotionally. I realized … Read More

Find YOUR inner WARRIOR!

You have the fight within…but sometimes it takes obstacles or life’s challenges to find that inner strength. I’m in a predicament. This fitness girl got injured pretty bad in March. I was at the top of my game with my strength and endurance and was training for my Spartan race. One morning I woke up and couldn’t stand and I … Read More

Grandmas can ROCK it too!

This beautiful woman is my mom Carla and she is also one of the MOST in-shape grandmas I know! She has lost 13.5 inches and 3 pants sizes with Turbo Fire & the 21 Day Fix. She is also finishing P90 before kicking it up a notch with the 21 Day Fix Extreme! She is also the biggest nurturer in … Read More

Get Your FIX On!

First, it starts like this…one day at a time. And it has to so you can make life changes you can stick with. Too many times I got in shape or started a “diet” just for an event or vacation & then I was done. So you can’t expect to make an entire life change over night. You have to … Read More

How Coaching Helped Me Cope With Loss

  My hero. My best friend. My Dad. It’s not that he was perfect, but he was the perfect Dad to me. He taught me strength, determination, inner fight, mind over matter, and that there’s no amount of money in the world that can buy you happiness. My Dad just got me because we were both wired the same way, … Read More

Out with the old…in with the NEW YOU!

This is my very first blog and I am going to be REAL with you. I want to share the moment my life changed and helped me find the NEW me. That picture on the left was me in 2012 at a holiday party. This was a picture that someone took and tagged me in on Facebook. When I saw … Read More

Shakeology…the REAL DEAL!

Shakeology…what is all this hype about? I thought the same thing…wasn’t interested, wasn’t convinced, been there, done that before. I had tried different supplements in college, different protein powders, and I came to the conclusion that they were all the same. Plus I didn’t feel like I needed to PAY for a nutritional shake when I could buy the ingredients … Read More

Pushing it to the MAX!

  How many times have you hit a plateau in your exercise or fitness routine? OR how many times have you been ALL IN for a new fitness program only to lose that zest a few weeks later? One of my biggest barriers in exercise has always been TIME…how do I fit in ME time? How do I get to … Read More