You belong here!

“You belong here.”  This was the theme of our Team Beachbody Coach Summit that was just held in my hometown of Indianapolis. I pondered the impact and meaning of this mantra for several days after I returned home. And so I will start with a question for you to think about as I share more… Do you know where you … Read More

Monday Motivation

A little motivation on a Monday for you…if you have just a moment 🙏🏻 I’m feeling pretty nostalgic tonight reflecting on my last 6.5 years of coaching. This week I will be not only reunited with my amazing team and SO many friends, but also these amazing super trainers that helped transform my health & fitness. When I was selected to … Read More

My Mom’s Journey

Watching my Mom’s health transformation has been one of my greatest JOYS as a coach! As a wife, mother, and teacher for 40 years, she was always giving to others first. Between running us around for sports and school & staying up late to grade papers, she didn’t take much time for herself. Nutrition was packaged snacks on the go … Read More

You can get healthier…mind, body, and soul

Are you exhausted by seeing a million posts and ads of people just flaunting their body?  I feel this way too and I work in the health and fitness industry…but hear me out.  I whole-heartedly love helping others each day and believe that everyone needs support with their health goals. But it’s because of the people that are not in … Read More

A story of gain… not loss.

3 years difference in this photo. But it’s a story about gain…not loss. You see that girl on the left was trying to find herself after losing a lot. I was still grieving the loss of my Dad, was navigating the life as a single mom, and was balancing two jobs as a teacher and wellness coach.  But in that … Read More

My Workout Calendar

If you’re like me, do you get exhausted from making decisions every day?  I used to get so tired at the end of the work day that even going to the gym was daunting for me. I just wanted to be able to show up and do something for me.  So I 💜 that I have a workout calendar to follow every … Read More

Water 💦 💦 💦 Wednesday!

Are you drinking at least half of your body weight (in ounces) each day? I used to constantly get headaches in the afternoon. And I realized it was because I was dehydrated. And I think I often confused this with hunger too. Since tracking my water and seeing such a difference in how I FEEL, I make sure to stay … Read More

Truth Talk

Truth talk…I usually skip recovery workouts.  Pilates. Yoga. Cool downs. Stretching. Anything that requires me to slow down 🤷🏻‍♀️ But then came the realization that my body NEEDS this for rejuvenation and recovery. I have battled injuries, surgeries, and just age changes how our body naturally recovers.  So today I slowed down and did my Pilates. And already, I can feel … Read More

A Year of Success!

jericho mcmatthews joel freeman natalie johnson

I cannot believe in 5 days I will get to workout with two of my favorite super trainers in the world! One of my greatest blessings was being selected to be in a test group with Joel and Jericho when Core de Force (a mixed martial arts program) was released a few years ago.  Being in a coach test group … Read More


This is pretty much the face I get from Caitlin when I’m breaking out a new recipe! 😂 And I am SO excited to use my cookbook that came in with 102 new healthy recipes! 🙌🏻 Cooking used to feel so daunting to me…now it’s an adventure and I love seeing what I can get my family to try. 🙋🏻‍♀️ And I’m even … Read More