Make “later” your NOW!

This picture on the right was when I was at my heaviest. But to be honest, I can’t remember the exact number on the scale as much as what I felt like. And it was the feeling of being stuck in my body, low energy, and tired all the time. I just look at my face and I can see … Read More

You are made for more.

I remember attending my first coach event and feeling out of place. And even asking, “Why am I here?”  I was still over weight. I wasn’t a fitness or nutrition expert. I didn’t have a business background. I couldn’t even afford new workout clothes. So seriously, how am I credible to grow a coaching business?  But God knew I was supposed to be … Read More

Trust the process!

These photos were taken 10 days apart… And I’m showing them for a reason. There’s no airbrushing, filter, or some gimmick. And to be straight up…the scale has barely moved. Down 1/2 a pound, that’s it! But I have already seen huge changes in my stomach, waist, and even my face. I want you to see what is possible when … Read More

Surround yourself with those who LIFT you higher!

Surround yourselves with those who lift you higher💜 Today we did just that🙌🏻 We came together to run our first coach open house and it filled our cups! Andrea brought down the house with her live TURBO workout & got to hear some incredible coach transformation stories. I was honored to speak and share my coach journey as well🙏🏻 It … Read More

Stop extreme dieting!

Can I get REAL with you today about the word “diet?” I am SO sick of seeing all these new extreme fad diets coming out. When I turned on the news this morning, I saw another celebrity diet being released about how to get the body you want in 22 days. And it was another “elimination” and “deprivation” diet. Including … Read More

Why I am SO glad I said YES to coaching!

Did you know that when I was first asked to coach…I said no… I didn’t feel qualified enough. I didn’t think I had enough time. I wasn’t a fitness instructor. Nutrition was a struggle for me. I had no social media following or business skills. So how could I coach others? But I had a helper’s heart and the desire … Read More

You belong here!

“You belong here.”  This was the theme of our Team Beachbody Coach Summit that was just held in my hometown of Indianapolis. I pondered the impact and meaning of this mantra for several days after I returned home. And so I will start with a question for you to think about as I share more… Do you know where you … Read More

Monday Motivation

A little motivation on a Monday for you…if you have just a moment 🙏🏻 I’m feeling pretty nostalgic tonight reflecting on my last 6.5 years of coaching. This week I will be not only reunited with my amazing team and SO many friends, but also these amazing super trainers that helped transform my health & fitness. When I was selected to … Read More

My Mom’s Journey

Watching my Mom’s health transformation has been one of my greatest JOYS as a coach! As a wife, mother, and teacher for 40 years, she was always giving to others first. Between running us around for sports and school & staying up late to grade papers, she didn’t take much time for herself. Nutrition was packaged snacks on the go … Read More

You can get healthier…mind, body, and soul

Are you exhausted by seeing a million posts and ads of people just flaunting their body?  I feel this way too and I work in the health and fitness industry…but hear me out.  I whole-heartedly love helping others each day and believe that everyone needs support with their health goals. But it’s because of the people that are not in … Read More