Our Wellness Movement

When I was asked recently how I run my own wellness business with all the other things going on, I responded that it takes time management and a good team 💜 We often think that we have to pave our own way and do it on our own. But it’s about surrounding yourself with the best people! People who work together, … Read More


Leadership. By definition, it’s someone who commands a group or organization. But that seems to be missing the elements of what a GOOD leader is. Integrity, commitment, empowerment, encouragement, and holds people accountable to their purpose. To me, it’s someone leads by example. And that should be a positive one. Someone who influences others with their gifts and one that … Read More

You are made for more.

I remember attending my first coach event and feeling out of place. And even asking, “Why am I here?”  I was still over weight. I wasn’t a fitness or nutrition expert. I didn’t have a business background. I couldn’t even afford new workout clothes. So seriously, how am I credible to grow a coaching business?  But God knew I was supposed to be … Read More

You belong here!

“You belong here.”  This was the theme of our Team Beachbody Coach Summit that was just held in my hometown of Indianapolis. I pondered the impact and meaning of this mantra for several days after I returned home. And so I will start with a question for you to think about as I share more… Do you know where you … Read More

A Year of Success!

jericho mcmatthews joel freeman natalie johnson

I cannot believe in 5 days I will get to workout with two of my favorite super trainers in the world! One of my greatest blessings was being selected to be in a test group with Joel and Jericho when Core de Force (a mixed martial arts program) was released a few years ago.  Being in a coach test group … Read More

Work From Anywhere…

This has been one of the greatest blessings that I have received & it’s provided fulfillment beyond by wildest dreams. I asked myself a week ago IF I could take a week away for an island adventure. 🏖🌴🐠 And the answer was YES! This is the freedom that I was seeking when I became a coach. Freedom of time. 💜I … Read More

Make Today Your Moment

Did you ever realize that one decision can change the whole course of your life?  It did for me in January 2013… I decided that after gaining 50 pounds with both of my girls that I needed to get healthy again. I was afraid to tell people out loud because I had so many failed “diets” and New Year’s resolutions … Read More

The Desire to Say Yes to What’s Important

Deep thoughts on a Wednesday… I believe we should be able to say YES to the most important things to us. And at the top of my list are my girls. They have been my driving force with the biggest decisions in my life. But I haven’t always been able to say yes to them. It was often “later” or … Read More

New Chapter

I am feeling a lot of mixed emotions this weekend. I’m getting ready for my last week of being a teacher and a new chapter of full time coaching. It’s bittersweet because I am who I am as a teacher because of my amazing students and I am who I am as a coach because of my incredible fit family … Read More

Sundays have been tough for a long time…

I feel like we get hit with the reality of to-do lists, work commitments, children’s activities, and just being BUSY. The week ahead can be daunting & it shouldn’t be when we are living a life we love. 💜 I was asked recently why I am leaving teaching when I connect so much with high schoolers and have such a … Read More