Amy’s 21 Day Fix Journey

I still 💜 to share testimonies about my friends and family who are transforming their health. Amy and I met through Taekwondo and she will be getting her Black Belt soon! She had already been on a wellness journey when we met and we really started talking about nutrition and cross training with other workouts. I’m so blessed that our paths crossed … Read More

My Workout Calendar

If you’re like me, do you get exhausted from making decisions every day?  I used to get so tired at the end of the work day that even going to the gym was daunting for me. I just wanted to be able to show up and do something for me.  So I 💜 that I have a workout calendar to follow every … Read More

Water 💦 💦 💦 Wednesday!

Are you drinking at least half of your body weight (in ounces) each day? I used to constantly get headaches in the afternoon. And I realized it was because I was dehydrated. And I think I often confused this with hunger too. Since tracking my water and seeing such a difference in how I FEEL, I make sure to stay … Read More

Make Today Your Moment

Did you ever realize that one decision can change the whole course of your life?  It did for me in January 2013… I decided that after gaining 50 pounds with both of my girls that I needed to get healthy again. I was afraid to tell people out loud because I had so many failed “diets” and New Year’s resolutions … Read More

7 Years in the Making


Transformation Tuesday… 7 years between these pictures and they are still 2 of my favorites. The one on the left is the JOY of being a new mom for the second time. And the one on the right is true HAPPINESS at Mara’s 7th birthday party. But the story between these two pictures is one full of highs and lows. … Read More

Conquering the Scale!

Have you struggled with the scale over the years? Do the numbers still haunt you? I was consumed by the scale for many years and the size clothing that I thought I “should” be. I was also stuck in an up and down weight loss struggle for about 15 years. But in the last 5 years, I’ve been on a … Read More

Summer is almost here…

…and I used to dread swimsuit shopping. And this is coming from a former swimmer, who lived in her swimsuit for over 10 years. You know I am a story teller…so here’s another short one. After college, putting on 50 pounds with each daughter, life happening over the years, I NEVER thought I would put on a swimsuit…let alone a … Read More

“Workout Because You Love Your Body, Not Because You Hate It”

love your body

Happy Whatever it takes Wednesday! I shared this quote with my online health and fitness group this morning and wanted to share it with my FIT family too. I actually LOVE this quote…and I’ve seen it so many times and used to scoff at it. For some reason, we are taught at a young age to be critical of our … Read More

What are you waiting for?

A new day? Good morning! A new year? It starts tomorrow! A new you? It’s already within you. The best decision I ever made in 2016 was to go ALL IN on ME. It wasn’t just a physical transformation, but more of an emotional, mental, and spiritual awakening. And for me, it started with Core de Force. Why? Because the … Read More

Transforming Your Life From The Inside Out

from the inside out

I love sharing transformation stories…and this one is not about the physical (although the left was my first photo shoot ever…I needed some work on my poses…haha!) This one is about transforming your life from the inside out. The left represents my old life – a past relationship, different home, different spiritual state…a person who was lost but soon to … Read More