Monday Motivation

A little motivation on a Monday for you…if you have just a moment 🙏🏻 I’m feeling pretty nostalgic tonight reflecting on my last 6.5 years of coaching. This week I will be not only reunited with my amazing team and SO many friends, but also these amazing super trainers that helped transform my health & fitness. When I was selected to … Read More

My Mom’s Journey

Watching my Mom’s health transformation has been one of my greatest JOYS as a coach! As a wife, mother, and teacher for 40 years, she was always giving to others first. Between running us around for sports and school & staying up late to grade papers, she didn’t take much time for herself. Nutrition was packaged snacks on the go … Read More

You can get healthier…mind, body, and soul

Are you exhausted by seeing a million posts and ads of people just flaunting their body?  I feel this way too and I work in the health and fitness industry…but hear me out.  I whole-heartedly love helping others each day and believe that everyone needs support with their health goals. But it’s because of the people that are not in … Read More

A story of gain… not loss.

3 years difference in this photo. But it’s a story about gain…not loss. You see that girl on the left was trying to find herself after losing a lot. I was still grieving the loss of my Dad, was navigating the life as a single mom, and was balancing two jobs as a teacher and wellness coach.  But in that … Read More

Truth Talk

Truth talk…I usually skip recovery workouts.  Pilates. Yoga. Cool downs. Stretching. Anything that requires me to slow down 🤷🏻‍♀️ But then came the realization that my body NEEDS this for rejuvenation and recovery. I have battled injuries, surgeries, and just age changes how our body naturally recovers.  So today I slowed down and did my Pilates. And already, I can feel … Read More

A Year of Success!

jericho mcmatthews joel freeman natalie johnson

I cannot believe in 5 days I will get to workout with two of my favorite super trainers in the world! One of my greatest blessings was being selected to be in a test group with Joel and Jericho when Core de Force (a mixed martial arts program) was released a few years ago.  Being in a coach test group … Read More

Feeling FIT & FABULOUS in your body

6 years ago, there’s not a chance that I would have worn a bikini…let alone share a picture of myself in one. But if you just give me a little of your time, I will share my WHY and an invitation with you. My WHY is for the women out there who still feel trapped in their own skin like … Read More

Love the Skin You’re In!

love the skin you're in

When is the last time you’ve looked in the mirror and loved the reflection you see looking back at you?  When is the last time you have put YOURSELF first without feeling guilty?  When is the last time you invested in YOU instead of putting others first?  This was me for years. And I was SO grateful that someone kept … Read More

Brick by Brick

brick by brick

Sometimes it takes rock bottom for us to build our life back up brick by brick.  And that’s what I did several years ago…because I wanted more out of life…and for my girls.  And when an opportunity arose, I decided to take it. I decided to grow a coaching business from home. Most people would say that they don’t have … Read More

Be Present

be present

You will never give this moment again. 💜 This is what I reminded myself last night when tucking Mara into bed.  She had an agenda for everything we still needed to do, I am sure you parents can relate. She discovered new toys buried under piles of building projects and had to show me (we call her the mad professor 🤣)  She … Read More