Mindset IS everything💜 I learned early on with wellness that how we THINK about ourselves, our circumstances, and our goals drives everything in our lives. You can lose weight and still not be happy if you don’t love who you are. You can be stuck in vicious patterns of emotional and stress eating if you are not tackling those triggers … Read More

It’s OK to not be ok…

It’s ok to not be ok… Every year around this time, I say I’m fine, but it is strikingly apparent that I’m not done grieving the loss of my father. I could give you another eloquent motivational quote or funny story or I could keep it real. And maybe share something that you’re feeling too. I lost my father on … Read More

Stepping In

I wish I could capture each story of these pictures to show you the dedication of these girls, their teammates, and coaches. And since I can’t by picture, I will do what I do best. Storytell. And this is one you want to hear. After spending 14 hours at a tournament in Illinois yesterday and with very few hours of … Read More

Step into the arena!

Need a little motivation today? I hope my story can inspire you. It’s not my normal transformation story based on a physical before and after. It’s one that is based on transformation of the mind and spirit. Last weekend, I stepped into the Taekwondo “arena” again after 14 years. I wasn’t simply a spectator but a participant. And it was … Read More

Flip the Script

Every day on my lunch break I’ve been reading Coyte Cooper’s new book “FLIP THE SCRIPT!” Its a Game-Changer and reminds you of how we need to be fearless in pursuit of being our BEST selves! #growth When I joined a book club with Coyte over 4 years ago, my mindset began to shift. I set my alarm earlier and took time … Read More

Seek God first!

Amazing things have been happening since I started my prayer challenge group this week🙏🏻.My faith needed an awakening. I stopped praying bold prayers. I felt like I needed to hustle for everything in my life. Exhaustion just means we’re ambitious, right? Wrong..Seeking God and asking for Him to open doors, lead us to opportunity, and guide us is where we … Read More

Monday Motivation

A little motivation on a Monday for you…if you have just a moment 🙏🏻 I’m feeling pretty nostalgic tonight reflecting on my last 6.5 years of coaching. This week I will be not only reunited with my amazing team and SO many friends, but also these amazing super trainers that helped transform my health & fitness. When I was selected to … Read More

My Mom’s Journey

Watching my Mom’s health transformation has been one of my greatest JOYS as a coach! As a wife, mother, and teacher for 40 years, she was always giving to others first. Between running us around for sports and school & staying up late to grade papers, she didn’t take much time for herself. Nutrition was packaged snacks on the go … Read More

You can get healthier…mind, body, and soul

Are you exhausted by seeing a million posts and ads of people just flaunting their body?  I feel this way too and I work in the health and fitness industry…but hear me out.  I whole-heartedly love helping others each day and believe that everyone needs support with their health goals. But it’s because of the people that are not in … Read More

A story of gain… not loss.

3 years difference in this photo. But it’s a story about gain…not loss. You see that girl on the left was trying to find herself after losing a lot. I was still grieving the loss of my Dad, was navigating the life as a single mom, and was balancing two jobs as a teacher and wellness coach.  But in that … Read More