Rustic Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

I am still in ♥️ with my pressure cooker! Over Christmas break, I made this homemade soup from the Gowise USA cookbook and the fam loved it! There’s a sauté function where you can cook your veggies and garlic first.✨Then you add 3 chicken breasts with chicken broth and bay leaves.✨Pressure cook on high for 7 minutes.✨Take out chicken and shred. Then … Read More

Homemade Pizzas

When I get toward the end of the week, I tend to want to throw in the towel with cooking 🤦🏻‍♀️ But rather than waste money on going out to eat, we ♥️ homemade pizzas. Last night, I made this one on Stonefire Artisan Flatbread. I used a low-sugar pizza sauce, buffalo mozzarella, veggies, and turkey pepperoni! It was SO good! And so … Read More

Stop extreme dieting!

Can I get REAL with you today about the word “diet?” I am SO sick of seeing all these new extreme fad diets coming out. When I turned on the news this morning, I saw another celebrity diet being released about how to get the body you want in 22 days. And it was another “elimination” and “deprivation” diet. Including … Read More


This is pretty much the face I get from Caitlin when I’m breaking out a new recipe! 😂 And I am SO excited to use my cookbook that came in with 102 new healthy recipes! 🙌🏻 Cooking used to feel so daunting to me…now it’s an adventure and I love seeing what I can get my family to try. 🙋🏻‍♀️ And I’m even … Read More

A full clean meal tonight!

A full clean meal tonight  (protein)Turkey burger with Greek yogurt (no bread) (veggie) Mixed greens, tomatoes, peppers, with Balsamic and olive oil  (veggie) Roasted Acorn Squash with cinnamon and nutmeg (Healthy Fats) Avocado I learned how to eat by watching portions and understanding the combination of food groups with the 21 Day Fix Portion Container System Want more information…check out … Read More

Energize Baby!

Energize Baby

Today has been a day…I am exhausted, but getting my workout in is SO key for helping me de-stress and get a good sweat on! Energize is amazing and the Beachbody Performance line has been crucial in my training and overnight recovery. I drink it 30 minutes before my workout and it’s perfect before my MMA Core de Force workout. … Read More

What’s In YOUR Fridge?

your fridge

I keep mine simple. I focus on food groups not BIG elaborate recipes. And I build from there. 1) Proteins – eggs, ground turkey, single package chicken breasts, milk & Greek yogurt *Tip – I hardboil eggs on Sundays for snacks that I take into work during the week. I also use plain Greek yogurt as a POWER SNACK for … Read More

THIRSTY THURSDAY… Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte

THIRSTY THURSDAY…several things may come to your mind…Happy Hour…a nice glass of wine…or maybe your favorite coffee drink or shake. I had to go there today and address liquid calories because some how I never used to count them and I don’t think a lot of people do. One of my favorite fall drinks is the pumpkin spice latte…but when … Read More

Get Your FIX On!

First, it starts like this…one day at a time. And it has to so you can make life changes you can stick with. Too many times I got in shape or started a “diet” just for an event or vacation & then I was done. So you can’t expect to make an entire life change over night. You have to … Read More

Shakeology…the REAL DEAL!

Shakeology…what is all this hype about? I thought the same thing…wasn’t interested, wasn’t convinced, been there, done that before. I had tried different supplements in college, different protein powders, and I came to the conclusion that they were all the same. Plus I didn’t feel like I needed to PAY for a nutritional shake when I could buy the ingredients … Read More