Our Wellness Movement

When I was asked recently how I run my own wellness business with all the other things going on, I responded that it takes time management and a good team 💜 We often think that we have to pave our own way and do it on our own. But it’s about surrounding yourself with the best people! People who work together, … Read More

Coach Blessings

These are a few of my favorite pictures from last summer… And it’s because of these two beautiful coaches on my team. A lot of people think coaching is about sweaty selfies or some eloquent motivational quote. Or knowing everything about health and fitness. But it’s not… It’s about having a helper’s heart and a passion for helping others. And … Read More

Surround yourself with those who LIFT you higher!

Surround yourselves with those who lift you higher💜 Today we did just that🙌🏻 We came together to run our first coach open house and it filled our cups! Andrea brought down the house with her live TURBO workout & got to hear some incredible coach transformation stories. I was honored to speak and share my coach journey as well🙏🏻 It … Read More

Why I am SO glad I said YES to coaching!

Did you know that when I was first asked to coach…I said no… I didn’t feel qualified enough. I didn’t think I had enough time. I wasn’t a fitness instructor. Nutrition was a struggle for me. I had no social media following or business skills. So how could I coach others? But I had a helper’s heart and the desire … Read More