Amy’s 21 Day Fix Journey

I still 💜 to share testimonies about my friends and family who are transforming their health. Amy and I met through Taekwondo and she will be getting her Black Belt soon! She had already been on a wellness journey when we met and we really started talking about nutrition and cross training with other workouts. I’m so blessed that our paths crossed … Read More

My 100 Day Journey

💯 days!!! I officially finished this program! I started this in July…clearly you can tell by my lack of tan now. I mean, seriously…these have NO filter! I know you see before and afters all the time these days. But these aren’t intended to be glamorous, just real. And that I have been a work in progress for over 6 years … Read More

100 Day Transformation!

I am so thankful that my beautiful friend and Alpha Phi sister, Alison let me share her transformation story today. Alison just finished her 💯 day program and lost 8.5 pounds and feels stronger than ever! She never missed a day and even when she had a setback, she just focused on what she could improve the next day. She also really … Read More

Turn the page

You know I like a good ole Sunday story… And maybe you could use some motivation right now. This was the picture I saw saw 7 years ago that made me decide to get healthy again. First off, can you believe the difference in photo resolution now on our phones! Ok…I digress. Maybe you can relate to my story too. … Read More

Make “later” your NOW!

This picture on the right was when I was at my heaviest. But to be honest, I can’t remember the exact number on the scale as much as what I felt like. And it was the feeling of being stuck in my body, low energy, and tired all the time. I just look at my face and I can see … Read More

Trust the process!

These photos were taken 10 days apart… And I’m showing them for a reason. There’s no airbrushing, filter, or some gimmick. And to be straight up…the scale has barely moved. Down 1/2 a pound, that’s it! But I have already seen huge changes in my stomach, waist, and even my face. I want you to see what is possible when … Read More