Coach Blessings

These are a few of my favorite pictures from last summer…

And it’s because of these two beautiful coaches on my team.

A lot of people think coaching is about sweaty selfies or some eloquent motivational quote. Or knowing everything about health and fitness. But it’s not…

It’s about having a helper’s heart and a passion for helping others.

And the team who put their hearts and minds together to pay wellness forward.

A lot of time we meet virtually, but we also LOVE getting together for team events and retreats.

Dawn and Kara have been the backbone of my team for several years. They both have other full time jobs, families, fur babies, and a busy schedule. But we MAKE time to help lead accountability groups together each month and have helped thousands find a way to find balance and JOY in their health journeys.

I am SO blessed to coach with these women and we are always looking for new women to join our team!

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