Feeling FIT & FABULOUS in your body

6 years ago, there’s not a chance that I would have worn a bikini…let alone share a picture of myself in one.

But if you just give me a little of your time, I will share my WHY and an invitation with you.

My WHY is for the women out there who still feel trapped in their own skin like I did. And feel disconnected from their bodies because of emotional eating, weight gain over the years, or even weight put on after having children.

So I still share these posts because I know there are so many of you out there who just want to FEEL healthy and confident. It’s honestly not even about the number on the scale anymore for me, but rather going into a store and feeling confident trying on a bathing suit 👙 that I love. Or a favorite dress or pair of jeans. And for my recent trip, I thought…well I’ve had a better bikini body in the past, maybe I just don’t take one this time.

But then I decided that I want to be REAL with you. I’m probably never going to have a 6 pack, but I will have JOY. I will always find that balance now between my superfoods shake and a beer. And my salad and a dessert. Because life is meant to be enjoyed.

If you are feeling stuck right now, I understand. And I’m always here to help. If you want to feel FIT & FABULOUS in the body God have you, I want to be that person to help you.

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