Flip the Script

Every day on my lunch break I’ve been reading Coyte Cooper’s new book “FLIP THE SCRIPT!” Its a Game-Changer and reminds you of how we need to be fearless in pursuit of being our BEST selves! #growth

When I joined a book club with Coyte over 4 years ago, my mindset began to shift. I set my alarm earlier and took time to read and journal. It was something that was WAY out of my comfort zone but taught me how to set the tone for my day. I also learned how to flip the negative thoughts and circumstances in my life. It was a growth process and one that I still value today. And a journey I’m still on.

Sometimes we simply need people to remind us of who we are and what we can become. And we have to just get out of our own way! This book is full of incredible stories and ways to redirect your mindset. You have to add it to your must-read list! 👏🏻💯

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