Get Your FIX On!

First, it starts like this…one day at a time. And it has to so you can make life changes you can stick with. Too many times I got in shape or started a “diet” just for an event or vacation & then I was done. So you can’t expect to make an entire life change over night. You have to be patient with yourself and you have to have a plan. That is why the 21 Day Fix changed my life last year.

I will be honest, I was pretty lost when it came to nutrition a few years ago. I am a foodie – I love to try new restaurants, previously worked as a restaurant manager, and love the social aspect of going out for dinner & drinks just because! All of the calories add up and can really take a toll on our health. The 21 Day Fix is the real deal because it’s a simple formula.

Nutrition + Exercise = BIG Results!

portion-containersSounds simple but it really is because the program gives you everything you need to be successful. It comes with color-coded containers for each food group, a meal guide that you use to customize your meal plan, 30 minute workouts for every muscle group (even a Pilates  and yoga day) – one for each day of the week, PLUS Shakeology (amazing nutritional shake with over 70 vitamins and minerals). And it’s only for 21 Days! You can even tie in some red wine and chocolate!

Nutrition isn’t about giving everything up & eating a piece of lettuce. In fact that will put your body into starvation mode and it will hold on to the fat because your body likes protect itself instinctively.

This plan teaches you HOW & WHAT to eat, portions, and the right combination of foods to get optimal results. I thought I was eating healthy because of eating a lot of fruit when in fact you need more veggies and proteins to fuel your metabolism. It will then burn more stored fat and you will lean up. Makes sense, right? But I just didn’t know where to begin & this was it. It’s the real deal!

Carol, my beautiful friend and coach, has one of the most amazing transformation stories I have seen. This former ballerina, wife, and mother of two has completed several rounds of the 21 Day Fix and it has changed her life and of those around her. It was a transformation from the inside out & now she’s paying it forward to others.

Are you ready to get your FIX on?

I’m Ready To Get Started!

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