Core De Force is HERE and will change your life!

Where do I even begin? Being a part of the Core de Force test group has changed my life. I wanted to prove that I could do hard things again…but I came face to face with everything about myself. Mind, body, and soul.

Physically, I have proven that you can get back into the best shape of your life, even after back surgery. I am approaching Day 90 and have shaped my core into a place that I never knew possible. I have lost12 pounds and 13.5 inches…and counting. I lost 4.5 inches off of my waist alone!

Mentally, I have followed a customized meal plan that is proof that you HAVE to fuel your body with food not deprive it. I have even increased my caloric intake to keep my metabolism fueled since I have gained more lean muscle. And I have realized that our biggest fears only lie in our minds.

Soulfully, this is a workout that is about you and yourself. It’s getting up and going to battle every day to fight for the life that you deserve. And I am more at peace in my life with who I am than I ever have been. And this program made me believe that I could overcome a lot in my life.

This group, this program, and these trainers have changed my life. And I will pay it forward by becoming certified to teach Core de Force and help others always fight for their fitness.

Are you ready to prove to yourself that you can do this… the link is below.

Created by Trainers Joel and Jericho, it’s 30 days of zero-equipment, core-defining workouts inspired by the most high-octane sport in the world—Mixed Martial Arts!

It’s Time To Shred Down With MMA-Style Workouts

If you want to slash inches from your waist and shed body fat, nothing beats CORE DE FORCE’S effective—and addictive—workouts. In just 30 days you can reshape your body with:

  • Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai combinations that engage your core from every angle
  • Bodyweight training that sculpts overall definition
  • Explosive cardio intervals to max your calorie burn

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill workout—this is CORE DE FORCE. And if you’re ready to fight for the body you’ve always wanted, you won’t be disappointed…

I am also excited to share that I was quoted in the Team Beachbody November Newsletter. Below is an excerpt, if you would like to read the whole article you can click here.

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