By definition, it’s someone who commands a group or organization.

But that seems to be missing the elements of what a GOOD leader is.

Integrity, commitment, empowerment, encouragement, and holds people accountable to their purpose.

To me, it’s someone leads by example. And that should be a positive one. Someone who influences others with their gifts and one that shouldn’t be shied away from or taken lightly.

But so many people don’t consider themselves a leader. It’s not defined by your rank, income, or accolades. It’s about the influence you have over those in areas of your life.

But think about it, aren’t you a leader in some part of your life? With your family, work, friends, church, community?

This weekend I was honored to co-lead a local leadership event. And I was surrounded by people who are leaders because of the ownership of their gifts and how they want to pay it forward.

I also got to present on time-management. This is something that has always been a strength of mine because I believe time is the most valuable thing we have. But often we waste it or don’t spend it with intention or purpose.

Our event was called The Arena. My business partner & best friend Jenny and I believe that whatever goals you have in your life or business must be pursued by stepping into the arena…not watching from the fan stands. And I’m ready to pursue that so much more in 2020.

What about you?? Are you ready to become the leader you were destined to be?

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