Make Today Your Moment

Did you ever realize that one decision can change the whole course of your life? 

It did for me in January 2013… I decided that after gaining 50 pounds with both of my girls that I needed to get healthy again. I was afraid to tell people out loud because I had so many failed “diets” and New Year’s resolutions that I never followed through on over the years. And I think sometimes we don’t actually want to believe that we can change because it gives us a way out…in case, we fail again. 

2013 was different because I was at a rock bottom time in my life and I figured if I couldn’t change the circumstances around me, at least I could change myself. So I invested in a workout program that I could do from home and joined an online community that I could check into once a day. I just committed to trying this out for 30 days. My goal was to just finish and get better every day. 

After 30 days, I had lost 15 pounds, but I had gained SO much more. Confidence. Worthiness. Energy. Self-love. A fit family. I found myself again.

I’m sitting at my desk as I write this…reflecting how that one decision in January, 6 years ago, also brought an opportunity for a career change. I thought I would retire as a teacher like my mom after 40 years. But what happened was magical.

Because I had changed, people wanted to know how and why. I just started sharing. Encouraging. Helping. Coaching. And when I realized I could do this a part-time job, it just seemed natural. I was already coaching people, why not just pay it forward more. I never dreamed that it would be possible to grow a business and team and retire from teaching. But I also never believed that one workout six years ago would change the course of my life either. 

Why not make this day…TODAY…your moment in time?

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