Mindset IS everything💜

I learned early on with wellness that how we THINK about ourselves, our circumstances, and our goals drives everything in our lives.

You can lose weight and still not be happy if you don’t love who you are.

You can be stuck in vicious patterns of emotional and stress eating if you are not tackling those triggers in a healthy way.

In this wellness group I’m running, we have been picking a positive affirmation each day to focus on. Some might find this cheesy…I know I used to. But it’s amazing the power it has over your mind. One simple affirmation.

Today I chose, “I am Evolving.” I already am processing this with watching my girls grow up. I’m trying a new workout program that is way outside of my comfort zone. I returned to Taekwondo after 15 years. I am focused on becoming a different leader for those around me. But I’m embracing it rather than having my mind immediately question a decision.

So I challenge you today. Are most of your thoughts about positive things throughout the day? Or are they about worries, struggles, decisions, fears?

Adding one positive affirmation to your day CAN be the catalyst for change in your life. Just like one workout. Or one salad a day. Little things add up to BIG shifts for the direction of your life.

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