My 100 Day Journey

💯 days!!! I officially finished this program! I started this in July…clearly you can tell by my lack of tan now. I mean, seriously…these have NO filter!

I know you see before and afters all the time these days. But these aren’t intended to be glamorous, just real. And that I have been a work in progress for over 6 years now.

I lost 3 pounds within the first 40 days. And the rest of the time, I noticed a gradual shift in my physique…my core, stomach, posture, and strength. I ended up losing and KEEPING OFF 5 inches!

My favorite jeans fit perfectly too! 🙌🏻 I always fear each winter that I’m not going to fit into my clothes because I remember when I couldn’t fit into anything. It’s the non-scale victories that mean the most.

Now let’s talk about my BIGGEST WIN…nutrition. I noticed about 60 days in that emotional eating was creeping in. Specifically with sweets and then comfort food. I didn’t want to sabotage this program so I decided to do a 40 Day Fast from sweets and treats. It was eye-opening. I decided to focus on God and strengthening my spirit while also transforming my body. And that is something I never expected to experience, but it was exactly what I needed to work on.

I also never could have done this without my amazing team and fit family.

And I am so grateful that you all let me share my journey, stories, and wellness with you. It truly comes with the best intention and to inspire someone else who feels lost like I did.

I run monthly groups & I’m always here to help.

Believe & Achieve,

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