My Mom’s Journey

Watching my Mom’s health transformation has been one of my greatest JOYS as a coach!

As a wife, mother, and teacher for 40 years, she was always giving to others first. Between running us around for sports and school & staying up late to grade papers, she didn’t take much time for herself. Nutrition was packaged snacks on the go and wine 🍷 in the evening. And the weight added up over time. I experienced the same thing as a teacher too. 

6 years ago, she joined me on an incredible wellness journey. She started exercising with at-home fitness programs, drank her daily super food shake, dialed in nutrition, checked into our accountability groups, and her lifestyle transformed! It wasn’t a quick fix, it was daily habits that have added up over time.

She is living her Alaskan dream and is active with her granddaughters, family, and outdoor life!

I’m so proud of her dedication and commitrment to living her BEST healthy life!

This is why I 💜 being a #wellness coach! 

We have a new group starting Monday and there’s always room to join us on this journey! You in??

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