Results are in!

My 21 Day Results are in! And I lost 7 pounds and 5 inches! But I gained so much more… rejuvenation, motivation, and really a personal awakening. Maybe you have been in a funk like I was. I felt out of sorts, overwhelmed, and was not in a place where I wanted to start. I had gotten comfortably numb. More carry out food, treats, sweets, and no portion control. I also lost the desire to even cook my healthy meals so I knew something needed to change. I decided to go all in on a program again and it was time to prove to myself and hopefully inspire others that they can do the same.With 20 other women and my fit family, we started a new fitness program, dialed in nutrition, and checked in daily for support. There’s no magic formula except consistency and the willingness to not give up. I did not complete every workout from the program because I had 2 injuries flare up…so I made nutrition my daily WIN. And truly, I know that’s where the biggest change was made.

Here’s a little of what I did:*Monitored my portions

*Cut out processed sugars and flours

*Stopped eating chocolate before bed haha

*Cut out alcohol (I love a glass of wine, but I wanted a full detox!)

*Increased my water and veggies

*Tried to eat my carbs earlier in the day (not right before bed)

*Got my body moving for 30 minutes a day – even if it was just a walk with the dogs.

Here’s the thing…I am all about balance…but everything had become a domino effect for me. I don’t believe you need to cut out all the things you love, but I know for me, I needed a reset. I needed to stop looking at comfort food and sweets to sort out my feelings. I would have a hot tea at bed. I would go for a bike ride with Mara. I would watch a movie without having to eat my whole pantry. I would get up earlier and do my devotions with a cup of coffee with stevia (not all the processed creamer). It was little things. I’m going to do another 21 day round (you can join me too! It starts in a week!). Then I will add back a treat meal or a favorite sweet. I just needed to know what it felt like to truly take care of my body again and that was mostly nutrition for me.

So I just want to leave you with this. You can DO hard things. You can change your health. You CAN do it in 21 days. You simply have to decide when. Mine came on Caitlin’s birthday, August 10th. That’s when the before pictures were taken. And the others were taken this morning. And I’m ready for Round 2 and to hold on to this balance again….even if life around me is always changing. Just know you can too.

Believe and Achieve,


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