Step into the arena!

Need a little motivation today? I hope my story can inspire you.

It’s not my normal transformation story based on a physical before and after. It’s one that is based on transformation of the mind and spirit.

Last weekend, I stepped into the Taekwondo “arena” again after 14 years. I wasn’t simply a spectator but a participant. And it was a full circle moment for me on so many levels.

First, the reason I stopped 14 years ago was because I became pregnant for the first time with my daughter Caitlin. It was incredible to test again on the same day that she and Mara got their first Black Belt.

Second, as a coach and fitness mentor, I have proven to myself and team that you can successfully cross-train with multiple fitness styles and really find that balance.

Third, I proved to myself that we are NEVER too old to set goals for ourselves. Dreams are not just for the young and we do not have to settle at ANY point in our life. We simply have to open our minds to new possibilites and take just the first step again to work toward something new.

But it wasn’t easy for me. It actually took me 2 years to get back in there Saturday. It was limiting-beliefs that so many of us have. Those voices that tell us that we will never get back to what we were. You know the ones that tell us that we are not young enough, fit enough, and we will never be what we once were. So we simply pass on the opportunity to just step in again.

But what if we let go of those beliefs? And we didn’t tell ourselves that we were starting over? But simply that we are just starting again. I might not be physically able to do some of the same moves in Taekwondo, but I am far more wiser and stronger in mind and spirit than I was 14 years ago. I may be a bit banged up from some surgeries and injuries, but I appreciate the comeback more. And what my body can still do. And I’ve been amazed at how my flexibility and agility in this sport are coming back.

I coach others and relate to SO many people because I am a constant work in progress. Mind, body, and soul. I love helping others find exercise and nutrition programs that can achieve a balance and maintainable lifestyle that help them live better and allow them to be more present in their life.

And it simply starts with being a participant…not just spectator in life.

Are you ready to step into the arena with me?

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