The Girl in the Photo

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and not recognized the person looking back at you? 

6 years ago I was 35-40 pounds over weight, was tired all the time, run down from teaching 180 students a day and being a mom to 2 young girls. I hid from pictures and really felt trapped in my own skin. Someone actually tagged me on Facebook in the picture on the left and I was furious. I did NOT want to be in pictures and honestly, I didn’t recognize that girl.

I guess I really didn’t know what I looked like…and the picture didn’t match up with the Natalie I felt like inside. Even more, I didn’t see that light in my eyes anymore. I always put myself last. And I was tired of trying “diets” and joining a gym and never going. It was a vicious cycle. 

So I actually saved my birthday and Christmas money to buy my first health and fitness pack. Workouts from home, simple nutrition that I could incorporate into my lifestyle,& healthy recipes. And then I fell in love with the community. I had a coach who cheered me on daily and a group of women who got me and lifted me up…and kept me accountable. This was key with staying in it and just showing up on the hard days. My fit family cared♥️

Has it been a cake walk for me? No. But it’s the only thing that has ever worked long term because I needed to change my habits and create a healthy lifestyle that lasts. 

So why not make this the year of change and not quick fixes? And I have something to help you with just 20 minutes a day! You ready🙌🏻

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