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You know I like a good ole Sunday story…

And maybe you could use some motivation right now.

This was the picture I saw saw 7 years ago that made me decide to get healthy again. First off, can you believe the difference in photo resolution now on our phones! Ok…I digress.

Maybe you can relate to my story too.

I was always really good at avoiding pictures. Always the picture taker.

I hid behind baggy sweatshirts and oversized clothes because nothing in my closet fit. I think I still had my stretchy maternity pants and thought they would make great “holiday pants.”

I woke up every day dreading to go into my closet and it always put me in a bad mood. Not a great way to start off the day, right?

But I hadn’t really committed to anything for me in a really long time. I attempted gym memberships…that I never used. I tried fad “diets” that just ended up failing and I put on more weight.

Same cycle. Month after month. Year after year.

I think sometimes we don’t feel like we are worthy of self-care. I gave myself badges of courage for trying to be a super mom, teacher, and sacrificing me for others. Somehow I told myself that being busy qualified the feelings that I had of anxiety, being out of breath when going up stairs, and that I didn’t “have time.”

At that point I was 35-40 pounds overweight still from 2 pregnancies. And I was tired all the time.

But seeing this picture of me posted on Facebook was an eye opener. It didn’t even look like me…or the person I thought I was.

Have you ever felt like that when you’ve seen a picture taken of you?

So that year, I saved my birthday and Christmas money on my health. And I decided I would just “try.”

That’s the thing with taking steps in life. It’s about faith. It’s about having a support system. And it’s about NOT knowing where you will go. BUT doing it anyways.

And I keep that picture on my phone and computer as a reminder of WHY I wanted to change my life. And get healthier. And to remember how far I’ve come. And to also share with you all. So you can see that change is possible. And that I understand what you have been through.

We all have a story. The difference however is some of us get stuck on the last chapter rather than writing a new one.

Believe & Achieve,

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