Why did you decide to eat healthy, Mom?

“Mom, did you wake up one day and just decide to eat salads? What made you want to eat healthy?” -Mara

“Well Mara, none of my clothes fit…and I wanted to FEEL healthy again.”

This is still true today. I simply want to walk into my closet and not worry about if my clothes will fit that day. Maybe you can relate. When I was 35 pounds over weight as a new Mom, it was hard to start the day with feeling like that. And then it transfers over to every part of your life. Physically, I used to get winded going up and down stairs. I would come home exhausted from the day and have little energy to be a Mom. I figured if I was going to be tired, shouldn’t I feel that way from something like exercise? So I started to get my body moving several days a week.

Nutrition was overwhelming to me. And I don’t believe in dieting. I never have even used that language as a coach. But I do believe in nutrition plans. I needed to learn HOW to eat and WHAT…as fuel, not depriving myself. And one salad a day made sense to me and was an easy start. 7 years later, that’s how I make sure to get my veggies in. And honestly, when you start eating healthier, your body lets you know. I started to sleep better and noticed how certain foods made me feel sluggish. I had to learn day by day so it could become a lifestyle. And this is also why I love helping others with healthy recipes and finding a plan that works for them.

Lastly, I was reminded this week of what healthy FEELS like. Moving is physically challenging. Moving from a townhome is a lot of stairs and lifting boxes is not for the faint of heart. When I moved in 2015, I had just had back surgery. I had to depend on others for everything. This time around, I am able to physically do everything without getting winded or out of breath. I exercise and eat healthy (most of the time!) so I can live a functional healthy lifestyle. And to share this with others, I’m leading an online SUMMER STRONG group soon! If my story speaks to you, let’s chat!


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  1. Great post Natalie! You are an inspiration. I agree that there is a “feeling” healthy aspect to it. I feel sluggish when I eat junk and don’t workout.

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