You can get healthier…mind, body, and soul

Are you exhausted by seeing a million posts and ads of people just flaunting their body? 

I feel this way too and I work in the health and fitness industry…but hear me out. 

I whole-heartedly love helping others each day and believe that everyone needs support with their health goals. But it’s because of the people that are not in this industry for the right reasons that exhaust me. And are selling a “quick fix” or image. 

Marketing is aimed at making you feel bad about yourself so you always want to buy into the next fad. And it’s this constant obsession with body image. 

I was never drawn to fitness magazines because I couldn’t relate to the “models” or the air-brushed pictures. When I started my health journey in 2013, I was just trying to pencil in enough time to workout for 30 minutes. I couldn’t relate to Martha Stewart recipes, having perfect meals, and didn’t have the money to buy tons of “matching” workout gear and coordinate it with my shoes. And I certainly wasn’t going to wear makeup to workout just look “presentable” at a gym. I had a small ME-TIME window and I wanted to be around people who understood me and that I could relate to. 

But too many things are being misrepresented in the health industry. Yes, wellness has to do with our bodies and being healthy in the skin we’re in. But it’s not where our happiness comes from. There are people with the “perfect” body, but are still lost on the inside and with who they are. Health is about finding wholeness with ourselves. 

So I am on a quest to prove that you can get healthier…mind, body, and soul at any age you choose. And there are coaches out there who truly are authentic and care about you, not just their own image. But in this social media world, it can all start to look the same. If you are following health and wellness influencers in the world, are they simply their own hero…or are they wanting to help you be the hero of YOUR life? And to help you write the next chapter of YOUR story? 

This is the quest that I am on with my fit family, team, and as a mother. I want to help you get healthier one day, workout, and meal at a time. Ready to join my movement?

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